Monday, 8 October 2007

Recognise Sign Language

Recognise Sign Language in the world!

Here are some videos from the Deaf Awareness Day (29 Sept 2007) in the world:

- Deaf march and Sign Songs (video)

Copenhagen, Denmark:
- Rain doesn't stop us! (video)

Aarhus, Denmark:
- Recognise Sign Language! part 1 (video)
- Recognise Sign Language! part 2 (video)

- Deaf Awareness Day (video)

- International Deaf Day (video)

Gallaudet University, Washington:
- Celebrate Sign Language! (video)

Ontario, Canada:
- International Day of Sign Language Rights (video)

I searched for some marches in London or anywhere in UK, but I couldn't find any. It seems that there were no BSL marches in UK on this day. (I read it from Grumpy's blog). I hope they can do something about it next year. Hope to see you next year!


And this is from Mexico:
¡Día internacional de las personas sordas! (via Lenois Blog)