Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Life Swap by Jane Green

Is the grass greener on the other side?
Is life really better somewhere else?

Vicky, a single girl, have everything; a super trendy work, good economy and goes to parties with her boyfriend. But she misses something. She would rather live in the country with husband, children, dog and car.

Amber has all that; husband, house, dog, nanny and children. But Amber is missing something too; she misses her life as single and to be able to do whatever she wants to do.

Vicky put an ad in a ladie’s magazine about her offer to trade places – friends, family, house, work with a stranger. So Amber fly to England, live in Vickys house, use Vickys clothes, go to her work and is just like a normal English girl.

Vicky trade places with Amber and lived in an luxury house with pool, and got a taste of life as married housewife. Vicky changed her perception of life as married housewife.

Interesting! Would be fun to trade places with someone else for a couple a weeks!

How does an American housewife life? How does a desperate housewife live?

In the book, Amber lives in Highfield. Does this area exist in real life? I looked in Google Maps, and found this. Is this the real life’s Highfield?

Or maybe a desperate housewife live like this? With perfect lawns. Keep up appearances of a perfect life?

Or like this? Just like in the TV-serie "Desperate Housewifes"?

These pics are from Google Map. Interesting to see how places looks like on Street Level, almost like being there!

Sunday, 19 July 2009


I have seen on dvd movie ”1408”. Very good movie and very exciting and thrilling.
The movie is about a hotel room, room no. 1408. An evil room with some kind of ghost in there.

The ghost hunter Mike, decides to visit the room to see if there really is a ghost there. Mike doesn’t believe in ghosts.

The hotel owner refuses to give Mike the key to room 1408. Mike persuaded the hotel owner to give him the key. Finally the hotel owner give up and give Mike the key. Mike happily goes into room 1408.

Soon, things happens in the room, and Mike learns that there really is an evil ghost there and he try to escape the room. But he can’t, because he is stuck in the room for ever.

The movie is based on Stephen King’s book “Everything´s eventual”. The movie is as good as all his books.

Now, I actually work at a hotel, as room attendant. I check the rooms, both before and after the guest’s arrival and departure. I clean the rooms, replenish the toilet paper, puffs up the pillows and put chocolates on the pillows ;-)

After seeing the movie “1408” I started to think about one room we have at our hotel. Our room no. 19, no guest have stayed there for a long time. Hmmm.. wonder why? Now when I think about it... little scary to be in that room...

Nah, I won’t scare you up, or else you don’t dare to rent room with us! LOL

Monday, 8 October 2007

Recognise Sign Language

Recognise Sign Language in the world!

Here are some videos from the Deaf Awareness Day (29 Sept 2007) in the world:

- Deaf march and Sign Songs (video)

Copenhagen, Denmark:
- Rain doesn't stop us! (video)

Aarhus, Denmark:
- Recognise Sign Language! part 1 (video)
- Recognise Sign Language! part 2 (video)

- Deaf Awareness Day (video)

- International Deaf Day (video)

Gallaudet University, Washington:
- Celebrate Sign Language! (video)

Ontario, Canada:
- International Day of Sign Language Rights (video)

I searched for some marches in London or anywhere in UK, but I couldn't find any. It seems that there were no BSL marches in UK on this day. (I read it from Grumpy's blog). I hope they can do something about it next year. Hope to see you next year!


And this is from Mexico:
¡Día internacional de las personas sordas! (via Lenois Blog)

Sunday, 30 September 2007

How did I learn BSL?

A couple of years ago, I travelled to Scotland and met some new deaf people there, and started to learn BSL from them. I learned that Scottish BSL and English BSL is different. So, when I left Scotland, that was no surprise when I started to learn more about BSL. I got some books and videos in BSL, and it was so fun learning a new Sign Language, and I'm still learning!

Later, I travelled to London, met some other deaf people, and learned London-BSL from them. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with my Scottish friend, but I'm trying to remember all my Scottish BSL. So, now I know about two BSL - Scottish and English BSL. I'm still learning BSL from the Internet, dvd's and books. Also from deaf UK-friends who visit me here in Sweden.

By the way, here are some great places for us BSL-learners:

The latest news in BSL - maybe a little old, but BSL is there.

BSL in videojug - learn how to swear in BSL!

I would appreciate more tips on where you can learn BSL!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Confused about numbers in BSL

More about different BSL signs in North and South England. Also about numbers in BSL.
I'm confused about numbers in BSL... I have to learn more about it...

Sunday, 22 July 2007

At the airport

At the airport, my friend is going home.

I'm talking about some BSL signs that are different in North and South of England/UK. Are there more different BSL signs in North and South of UK? Would be interesting to know! :-)

Friday, 20 July 2007

Visit to Denmark

I am travelling to Denmark with my friend. Nice places there in Denmark.