Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Life Swap by Jane Green

Is the grass greener on the other side?
Is life really better somewhere else?

Vicky, a single girl, have everything; a super trendy work, good economy and goes to parties with her boyfriend. But she misses something. She would rather live in the country with husband, children, dog and car.

Amber has all that; husband, house, dog, nanny and children. But Amber is missing something too; she misses her life as single and to be able to do whatever she wants to do.

Vicky put an ad in a ladie’s magazine about her offer to trade places – friends, family, house, work with a stranger. So Amber fly to England, live in Vickys house, use Vickys clothes, go to her work and is just like a normal English girl.

Vicky trade places with Amber and lived in an luxury house with pool, and got a taste of life as married housewife. Vicky changed her perception of life as married housewife.

Interesting! Would be fun to trade places with someone else for a couple a weeks!

How does an American housewife life? How does a desperate housewife live?

In the book, Amber lives in Highfield. Does this area exist in real life? I looked in Google Maps, and found this. Is this the real life’s Highfield?

Or maybe a desperate housewife live like this? With perfect lawns. Keep up appearances of a perfect life?

Or like this? Just like in the TV-serie "Desperate Housewifes"?

These pics are from Google Map. Interesting to see how places looks like on Street Level, almost like being there!