Sunday, 30 September 2007

How did I learn BSL?

A couple of years ago, I travelled to Scotland and met some new deaf people there, and started to learn BSL from them. I learned that Scottish BSL and English BSL is different. So, when I left Scotland, that was no surprise when I started to learn more about BSL. I got some books and videos in BSL, and it was so fun learning a new Sign Language, and I'm still learning!

Later, I travelled to London, met some other deaf people, and learned London-BSL from them. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with my Scottish friend, but I'm trying to remember all my Scottish BSL. So, now I know about two BSL - Scottish and English BSL. I'm still learning BSL from the Internet, dvd's and books. Also from deaf UK-friends who visit me here in Sweden.

By the way, here are some great places for us BSL-learners:

The latest news in BSL - maybe a little old, but BSL is there.

BSL in videojug - learn how to swear in BSL!

I would appreciate more tips on where you can learn BSL!