Sunday, 19 July 2009


I have seen on dvd movie ”1408”. Very good movie and very exciting and thrilling.
The movie is about a hotel room, room no. 1408. An evil room with some kind of ghost in there.

The ghost hunter Mike, decides to visit the room to see if there really is a ghost there. Mike doesn’t believe in ghosts.

The hotel owner refuses to give Mike the key to room 1408. Mike persuaded the hotel owner to give him the key. Finally the hotel owner give up and give Mike the key. Mike happily goes into room 1408.

Soon, things happens in the room, and Mike learns that there really is an evil ghost there and he try to escape the room. But he can’t, because he is stuck in the room for ever.

The movie is based on Stephen King’s book “Everything´s eventual”. The movie is as good as all his books.

Now, I actually work at a hotel, as room attendant. I check the rooms, both before and after the guest’s arrival and departure. I clean the rooms, replenish the toilet paper, puffs up the pillows and put chocolates on the pillows ;-)

After seeing the movie “1408” I started to think about one room we have at our hotel. Our room no. 19, no guest have stayed there for a long time. Hmmm.. wonder why? Now when I think about it... little scary to be in that room...

Nah, I won’t scare you up, or else you don’t dare to rent room with us! LOL