Tuesday, 12 June 2007


I think I have a cold. It's probably because of the sudden change of the weather. For one whole week, we had a very hot weather with strong sun, + 30 C degrees.

Yesterday, suddenly colder and heavy rain, + 15 C degrees. When I walked to the bus after my work, my shoes became wet. Not nice to walk with wet shoes.

It seems like I'm having a cold today, and I also feel a bit chill. Maybe fever too? Hmfpppfff..... :-(

Sunday, 10 June 2007

My mobile

I think my mobile phone is getting old. Some buttons on my mobile don't work. The buttons A and E don't work. I tried to write an SMS and my text message looked like this:
"Hllo, I m hr in th . S you soon. y!"
It looks very funny. (Translation: Hello, I am here in the café, see you soon. Bye!")

Hmpfff... maybe it's time to buy a new mobile... this one is only 1 year old. I bought my mobile on May 26th 2006 and I am on 18 months contract. After 18 months I can upgrade my mobile to a new one for free. So I can't change to new mobile until November.
Maybe I can buy a cheap mobile on eBay, as substitute until I can change to a new better mobile? Hmmm...

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Letter to the future

Recently, I read in the newspaper about people in a city in the USA. Before, in the year 1957, the city digged down a car. 50 years later, the city will take up this car again, i.e this year 2007. Interesting.

Now you can send an e-mail to yourself, to be delivered at a later date. You can receive that e-mail from yourself 1 year later, or 2 years later or 20 years later or so.

So, I have sent an e-mail to myself in the future. I wrote my e-mail on June 2nd 2007. I will receive this e-mail on June 2nd 2008, one year later. Where am I then? :-)

Try it yourself on Futureme.org!

Thursday, 7 June 2007


Beautiful flowers from the garden.
This pic is taken from my dad's kitchen table.