Monday, 19 March 2007

Deaf people from 1913

Deaf people in USA is now discussing the sign "deaf-close". Some don't like this sign, other thinks it's ok, other says it belongs to Deaf history. Lots of discussions over there.

Anyway, we here in Sweden don't use this sign, so it doesn't relate to us. The most interesting thing here, is this old film, with deaf people signing in American Sign Langauge. I "borrowed" this film from Barb.

This film is from 1913!

Wow that old film! I'm surprised deaf have filmed themselves that long ago, and saved it until now! Very important to preserve Deaf History for the future. And in this film you can see how deaf signed a long time ago, very interesting!

I wonder if UK or Sweden have that old films of/by/from deaf people here?


Anonymous said...


same here, It was very interesting!
wowo,,,, jun

Tecken: glad said...

Hi Jun! I'm happy to see you here again! Yes, very interesting... You know if other deaf have that old movies? /Hugs :-)