Monday, 14 May 2007


Yay! This summer I will move to a new apartment in a new town! Very exciting! I haven't been to the apartment and seen it myself, but my sister have been there, since she lives in that area.

She called me from her mobile phone and showed me on her 3G mobile, so I could see the apartment through the video in my mobile.

Then I e-mailed the new landlord and said yes to this apartment and signed the contract. (They sent it to me, and after signing it, I sent it back to them)
So, now I'm ready to move! I'm moving 722 miles, from North to South. That's far.

Now, some deep questions.
- How much is 50 sq ft?
- How to move with a computer?

I have contacted some movers and got their quotes, saying "Cost estimate for 50 sq ft". So, now I need to know how much is 50 sq ft? Is it 2x5 metres? Just guessing, I was never good at math in school... lol

And how do I move with a computer? I'm not allowed to send my computer with the mover. So I have to move it myself. Can my computer be checked in as baggage if I take the flight? Or is it better to send it as parcel with a delivery service?

Hmmm, lot of things to think about...

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